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“I don't do much, why am I so tired?"

You’ve spent a lazy Sunday glued to the couch, binging on Netflix and you feel ex-HAAUSTED! Why? You’ve been conserving energy; surely you should be full of beans?   It’s a...

Am I burning muscle or fat?

If you’ve been on a fitness regime and trying to lose weight for a while, you’ll already be aware that dropping the kilos means eating fewer kilojoules than you burn working out. But, all...

Top 5 tips to build your glutes

"Shake that healthy butt!" Sir Mixalot famously hollered in his 1992 hit song, ‘Baby Got Back’. Toning and building the perfect glutes is a common goal for most people in the gym and pers...

How important is a good diet when wanting to build muscle?

The word ‘diet’ brings up varying emotions in people. We’ve all been on one type of diet or another - low carb, high protein, low fat, raw, vegan and so forth.  When it comes...

Best tips to building strength using lightweights

LIGHTWEIGHT BABY!!! There’s a misconception out there that the best way to build strength is through lifting heavy weights. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Research now...