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Some Exercises You Can do at Home for Both Strength and Muscle Building

It can be a challenge to stay motivated when training at home; however the results are well worth the effort. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top 3 strength building exercises, so you can ...

Steroid abuse: Is it really worth it?

My mate thought introducing me to steroids would help. He couldn't have been more wrong. I was never happy with second place. At twenty-one, I trained every day at the gym, giving my all to compete...

This is what happens if you don’t warm up before exercising

Sometimes it can take a lot of motivation to muster up the ability to head into the gym, or hit the pavement around the block. Often, we’re all guilty of just “getting stuck into it”, without really t...

“I don't do much, why am I so tired?"

You’ve spent a lazy Sunday glued to the couch, binging on Netflix and you feel ex-HAAUSTED! Why? You’ve been conserving energy; surely you should be full of beans?   It’s a...

Am I burning muscle or fat?

If you’ve been on a fitness regime and trying to lose weight for a while, you’ll already be aware that dropping the kilos means eating fewer kilojoules than you burn working out. But, all...

Top 5 tips to build your glutes

"Shake that healthy butt!" Sir Mixalot famously hollered in his 1992 hit song, ‘Baby Got Back’. Toning and building the perfect glutes is a common goal for most people in the gym and pers...

How important is a good diet when wanting to build muscle?

The word ‘diet’ brings up varying emotions in people. We’ve all been on one type of diet or another - low carb, high protein, low fat, raw, vegan and so forth.  When it comes...

Best tips to building strength using lightweights

LIGHTWEIGHT BABY!!! There’s a misconception out there that the best way to build strength is through lifting heavy weights. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Research now...